Juan Valdez® Single Origin Cauca Whole Bean Coffee, 500g

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Juan Valdez® Single Origin Cauca Whole Bean Coffee, 500g

Cauca is a volcanic and mountainous region, where the Colombian Massif is, the cradle of five major Colombian rivers that nourish the earth and create the perfect environment for the production of a smooth and rich in nutrient coffee.

  • Cup profile: Bold.
  • Aroma: Pronounced.
  • Acidity: Medium-High.
  • Body: Medium.
  • Flavour Notes: Silky and sweet beverage, with a fruity taste.
  • Premium 100% gourmet Colombian coffee from Juan Valdez®.

Coffee Growers

Coffee growing is achieved thanks to the fertile soils which provide nutrients and special characteristics.


It is located between the Central and Oriental mountain ranges in the south of Colombia. In this region, you can find the Colombian Massif, and five important Colombian rivers are born there: Magdalena, Cauca, Patía, Caquetá and Putumayo; they water the land and create an optimum scenario to grow high mountain coffee, which is soft and nutrient rich.

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