Juan Valdez® Huila - Gourmet Single Origin Kaffee (ganze Bohnen 1kg)

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Huila – Juan Valdez® Gourmet Single Origin Kaffee (Bohnen 1kg)

100% Arabica Hochland Kaffee aus Kolumbien bietet ein gleichbleibend intensives Aroma und einen fruchtigen Geschmack.

Dieser Kaffee wächst in der schneebedeckten Vulkanregion Kolumbiens. mit einzigartigen fruchtbaren Böden. die für ein gleichbleibend intensives Aroma und einen fruchtigen Geschmack sorgen.

  • Aroma: intensiv
  • Säure: mittel
  • Körper: mittel

The blanket of clouds that characterises the sky in Huila protects coffee crops from solar radiation and allows them to grow uninterruptedly throughout the year. As a result, this unique coffee has a consistent sweet mild flavour and intense aroma.

  • Cup profile: Balanced.
  • Aroma: Intense.
  • Acidity: Medium/High.
  • Body: Medium.
  • Premium 100% gourmet Colombian coffee from Juan Valdez®.

Coffee Growers

Thanks to the commitment of 67,000 coffee growing families from Huila, this coffee is recognised internationally for its quality. Coffees from this region have been sold at historical prices in global markets. The success of the coffee growing business in Huila has been in the hands of small coffee growers, who in small lots and with limited resources, have remained committed to quality as the main source for income for rural families in Huila.


Huila’s coffee growing region is one of the most privileged in terms of climate and soil. It is comprised by the great Magdalena River valley, enclosed between two mountain ranges, and the Volcano of Huila located in the central mountain range, which has nurtured the region’s soil with volcanic ash. 35 coffee producing municipalities in Huila are located over 1,035 metres above sea level. Rains are constant throughout the year, enabling flowerings and harvesting year round.

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